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Custom Plinko Pong Board Games

Custom made Plinko pong board games, with your Company logo, Restaurants, Schools, Kids Room art,  favorite sports team or just a favorite picture.  Ping pong ball drops from hole in the top of the board and trickles down into slot.  Fun for all ages and can be custom design for anybody.  Red cup design allows ping pong balls to drop from red cup into plinko play.  Perfect for any man/women cave, Kids rooms, or restaurants.  Many options to choose from with custom slots for various types of play, restaurants may choose, free appetizer, 25% off, buy one get one free, etc.  Man/women cave may choose from chug, take a shot, sip, etc.  Kids room may choose from clean closet, pick up shoes, make bed, etc.   Games can be either table top or wall mounted, stand approximately 15" wide x 21" tall or 15"wide x 38" tall (as shown with goal posts).  Starting at 125.00.

Company/Restaurants Logos

  Kid's Rooms Chores

Sport Teams

School Events

Square blocks

The ping pong ball will land in one of six slots, square blocks are adding to enhance play and can be custome ordered to your desire and are removeable and replaced as needed.
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